Aerolatte To Go – Milk Frother

Aerolatte’s cappuccino/latte/milkshake/you-name-it milk frothers have been around for years, but here’s a new twist – the Aerolatte To Go. Essentially still their original design, this new version comes in a suave matte black with a sophisticated travel case for the modern man on the go and won’t look out of place sitting in your BMW’s… Continue reading Aerolatte To Go – Milk Frother

Stone Ice Cubes

Here’s a refreshing innovation – (reusable) stone ice cubes. These stone cubes only need to be placed in the freezer for about an hour before needed and voila – instant ice cubes. This means they are both quicker to produce than ice cubes, and (slightly) cheaper and definitely more environmentally friendly as they can be… Continue reading Stone Ice Cubes