ChiliPad keeps your bed cool (or warm)

Remember the Chillow (the chilled pillow)? Take that one step further, and you have the ChiliPad which cools your whole bed. Actually, it regulates the temperature of your bed, but since most folks seem to have more of a problem with the bed being too warm, they went with the ‘chill’ theme. The ChiliPad is… Continue reading ChiliPad keeps your bed cool (or warm)

Air Conditioned Bed

Remember those sticky nights where you just can’t sleep with the heat? Well a Japanese company has come up with a solution for this – the air conditioned bed which works by blowing cool air over you as you sleep. The makers, Kuchofuku, already make air conditioned shirts so this just seems a natural progession… Continue reading Air Conditioned Bed

Desktop iPod Alarm Clock & ‘Bed Shaker’

Sometimes we do have to get up for work, and this can be a real problem. The iMM153 responds to this by providing an iPod powered ‘bed shaker’ alarm clock. Plug in your iPod before going to bed, set the alarm and you will be pleasantly awakened in the morning by your favorite music… and… Continue reading Desktop iPod Alarm Clock & ‘Bed Shaker’

BedFan – Keep cool at night

This strange looking device is actually quite neat. It’s called the Bedfan and it’s meant for those of you that are ‘hot’ sleepers and need a bit more airflow around you but perhaps without the noise and space requirements of a floor standing fan. Also, this can be geared specifically for 1 sleeper, particularly useful… Continue reading BedFan – Keep cool at night