Legacy Locker ensures your digital assets are passed onto your beneficiaries when you die

One of GfG’s friends, Jeremy Toeman (of LIVEdigitally fame) has co-founded what we feel is an indispensable service for anyone that ‘lives’ online in any sense of the word. It’s called Legacy Locker (LL) and is essentially a secure store for your online assets, things such as passwords, account info, & documents. More importantly, it provides a mechanism for securely and safely conveying this information to your beneficiary if you pass away.

It works relatively simply: you sign up for an account, and start adding what are known as assets (an example would be the username and password to your e-mail account). You assign a beneficiary to each asset you have, and you can change those whenever you’d like. If you pass away, one of 2 persons that you assigned must contact LL to inform them. LL performs verification using humans, so you need not worry about ‘computer error’ or inadequate checks. LL then securely passes on your digital assets to your name beneficiaries.

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