FINIS Aqua Pulse – Swimmer’s Heart Rate Monitor

FINIS Aqua Pulse

With the world swaying more and more towards one where people like to stay in shape, more products are appearing to help you out. Here’s where FINIS have found their niche – they’ve developed a heart-rate monitor to measure your body’s exertion and exercise intensity while swimming. They claim that other products aren’t quite up to the job when it comes to swimming as they keep falling off.

Aqua Pulse works by picking up your heart rate from your earlobe (slightly unusual – have to try that one out sometime) and then tells you the results by sending sound waves through the bones in your ear, as you wouldn’t be able to hear it through a normal speaker. It appears they’ve thought of just everything with this. Hit the read link for a full description and feature list.

More info from the manufacturer

Price: $139.99 (To be released this month)
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