Death of The Video Rental Store

Death of Video Rental A few weeks ago, I was sitting at a traffic light by the Hollywood Video store near my home and glanced over at the empty parking lot. This was not an unusual sight because for years the parking lot at the Hollywood Video was always empty. But looking a bit closer, I realized the space was being gutted and prepped for an upcoming Advanced Auto Parts store. The Hollywood Video store was gone for good.

To be honest, I have not entered a video rental store in probably 10 years. But, I still felt a bit sad and nostalgic for all those Friday and Saturday nights back in the early 1990’s that I spent in the video store perusing the shelves for the newest flick with my boyfriend (who is now my wonderful husband). Rows and rows of videotapes, which eventually changed over to DVDs, were all lined up right at our fingertips. We really enjoyed going to the video store.

But then my husband and I stopped going to the video rental store. And it looks like everyone else stopped going too.

Latest version of Amazon’s 6″ Kindle starts at just $139 Kindle 6" has a new version of the 6″ Kindle coming out soon. The new Kindle DX was released just 3 weeks ago. The price is new too – even lower, $139 for the WiFi-only model and $189 for the 3G+Wi-Fi model. Wow. Wonder when the B&N nook will get a price cut?

This model has a new E-ink display like in the Kindle DX, is lighter (8.5oz), has 2x the memory (4GB), voice navigation (say “next page”), and 21% smaller.

This latest Kindle ships in less than a month on Aug 27th.

Amazon’s newest Kindle DX is more than $100 cheaper

2010 Kindle has a new version of the Kindle DX. It’s the bigger brother of the regular Kindle.  The most obvious difference is that the Kindle DX has a 9.7″ E-ink screen while the Kindle has a 6″ display.

So what’s new in the new DX? Here’s the rundown:

  • 50% better contrast
  • can be read in direct sunlight
  • now in charcoal graphite color
  • free 3G wireless, globally too
  • battery life is now rated at 1 week with wireless on
  • And the biggest change has to be that they dropped the price to $379 (from $489)

Wow, just realized that there are now over 600,000 books in the Kindle Store. Remember when it was still at 170k? Hmm… maybe B&N needs to make a nook DX?!

Ships today (July 7 2010).

Buy now!
Price: $379
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting) gets patent to put your order packaging on video

amazon patent has had yet another patent approved, this time for a way to send their customers images and video clips of their orders being packed up for shipping. Yes, you read that right.

The idea is that it assists customers as well as Amazon and their associated merchants. We’ll see how this pans out, and of course, it could end up being rife with issues, or it may actually be able to cut down the amount of unverifiable finger-pointing that occurs in online shopping and order fulfillment.

Post a comment the first time you notice a video/image in your Amazon order e-mail.

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