Eccentric iPod Alternatives

Put away your iPod. These music players don’t hold thousands of songs, movies and audiobooks. Their features are limited, but you will get more of a “wow” reaction from them.

First up–the Foxhole Radio. These simple radios were built from scraps of wire, cardboard tubes, razor blades and safety pins by GIs in WWII. Instructions are here–the real challenge is to scrounge up the parts for one of these without spending a dime. Most of the components should be found in the layers of debris in any well-disorganized workbench, though finding a suitable earpiece might be a challenge. If your workbench is too clean to harbor such debris, a kit can be purchased for $23 here, though it seems a bit counter to the spirit of the thing to pay someone to send a piece of wood, nails, and some bits of wire.

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