Sprint turns up the marketing juice for the Samsung Instinct

Sprint/Samsung is turning the dial up on marketing the brand new Instinct and is targeting the iPhone in saying that the Instinct is mainly just way faster. Well if their video demos are any indication, then it’s true. Here’s one comparing GPS functions (you can see the rest of the videos by looking at what’s related):

Some of the Instinct’s juicy features – EV-DO network access, video player, music player with downloads, TV viewing, e-mail, quick shortcuts to popular Web application like news, sports, and more; photo viewer, and of course, GPS navigation.

As one reviewer pointed out, despite the Instinct winning in the speed department for many of the commonly shared features, you do need to keep in mind that the iPhone is a smartphone, nay, a platform upon which you can build and run limitless applications. Of course, the Instinct does only cost $130 and sits on Sprint’s speedy EV-DO network.

Oh yes, assuming you reserved a unit, you can get one today!