Sony Alpha A55 Camera redefines SLR technology

Sony-SLT-A55VL DSLRPhotography technology is continually evolving and if Sony has a say in it, S.L.R.s (Single-Lens Reflex) could make way for I.L.C.s (interchangeable-lens compacts). Although still marketed as an SLR, Sony’s new Alpha A55 camera does and works in a number of new and different things/ways.

For starters, the A55 (SLTA55VL) uses a translucent mirror, so it never ‘goes blind’ as the mirror flips out of the way to allow light to fall onto the film, meaning you get continual focus and no blurriness.

It shoots high-def video focusing all the way. It uses an electronic viewfinder with 1.4M pixels, and not through the glass of the lens. This has advantages such as being able to preview what a shot would look like with different effects such as exposure, focus, color balance, etc.

For an expanded technical explanation of all of this, check out David Pogue’s excellent article on the A55.

Another one of those wow feature is its ability to create ‘high dynamic range’ photos automatically – superimposing three photos with different exposures to improve detail all over.

The A55 can use any of the lenses in the Alpha line as well.

There are a few different models currently available starting at about $540.

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Price: Starting at $540
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