Some Cool Gadgets for the Kitchen

Banana Slicer

I found a couple neat little gadgets for you kitchen & cooking enthusiasts to add to your arsenal. Honestly, kitchens have to be bigger these just to hold the multitude of gadgets that the average kitchen now has. First up is the Baker’s Edge’ Edge Brownie Pan. It’s a brownie pan that that makes brownies with lots of edges, b/c the slightly crispier edges are the best part!

Next up is this tasty looking ice cream dishes and spoons set. They dishes are in the shape and style of waffle cones, and even the handles on the spoons have the waffle cone design. Yeah, you don’t need it, but they look so cool; it makes me want to have ice cream just looking at it.

Last and no, you really don’t need this, but again, hard to resist… it’s a banana slicer [pictured]. Just take the banana out of the skin and immediately have it sliced evenly. For a few bucks, eh, what the hey…

via Kitchen Contraptions.