Klipsch iFi Speaker System for iPod

iFi speakers

Klipsch, a high-end speaker maker, decided to get into the iPod accessory game in a big way with its silly sounding iFi Speaker System. Not only do these speakers push out 200W of power (peak; 100W average), but it has a docking/charging station for the iPod, and a remote control.

If you go by the customer reviews on Amazon, these speakers are to die for. But at $500, I wonder about the wisdom of this. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, for the simple reason that most people want to squeeze as much music as possible onto their iPods, so they’re gonna use some compressive and lossy audio format, like MP3. So they instantly lose audio quality.

The other reason is that as cool as an iPod is, it’s still a very small piece of hardware that has to squeeze a lot of components into a small space. Its sound quality is simply not going to be as good as a component audio system.

Just my $0.02. Please feel free to disagree in the comments.

via Gadget Madness.

Price: $499.99
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