Sling Media Announces Two New SlingLink Powerline Ethernet Adapters

Turbo Sling Link

Who knew that Sling Media won an Emmy?! Not I. Yup, they did, for the Slingbox. Anyway, nevermind that. We’re here to tell you about Sling’s latest products – their 2 new powerline Ethernet adapters. These little devices allow you to hook your Slingbox(es) into your network without needing to run actual cable to the device or have a network drop nearby. All you need near your Slingbox is a power outlet. The SlingLink TURBO 1 Port ($99.99 MSRP) and the SlingLink TURBO 4 port ($149.99 MSRP) come in pairs. One plugs in near your Slingbox and the other near your home network router/switch, and voila – connectivity.

The SlingLink products stay true to the traditional understated Sling shape and look. Naturally, you could get some other powerline based networking products, but at least if you get these from Sling, you can be pretty confident that it’ll work with your Slingbox.

The new SlingLink products are available today from Sling Media’s web site, The SlingLink TURBO 4 Port is available in many retail locations including Best Buy, Circuit City, and, with the SlingLink TURBO 1 Port hitting retail shelves in the coming weeks.


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  2. I have been working in marketing industry for about 5 years and we found a solution that does this. We use it for wireless bar code reading and GPS tracking. The best part is we can customize the forms on-the-fly which saves us a lot of time over a customized solution. The company that makes the product is Westlake out of LA I think. There website is Their product is call They made a custom Extranet for us for our company to use but their main product site is We found this service set up to make it pretty easy for us to migrate the information to our back office system. We use the technology and route it to 40 different servers nationally; has worked flawlessly for about three years. I am note sure if this will match your exact needs but it is what we have been using and it has been working pretty well for us.
    Sean Johnson, VP-IT

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