Slide And Negative To Digital Picture Converter

Slide And Negative To Digital Picture Converter This convenient Gizmo converts old 35mm slides and film negatives easily into digital images. While you could preserve your memories using a conversion service, you might have to ship off your precious photos and you’ll definitely have to turn over custody to an unknown source not to mention the cost involved. For less than $100 you can do it yourself.

Slides and negatives are placed into a tray that aligns each properly; the touch of a button scans the image instantly. It has a 5MP CMOS sensor that provides 10 bits per color channel for data conversion and uses fixed focus and automatic exposure control and color balance, resulting in clear digital images without loss of quality. It can scan images up to 1,800 dpi and uses three white LEDs as a back light source. For photo transfers and power, it has a USB cable that plugs into a PC running Windows XP (requires USB 2.0) and includes software that allows you to edit, cro p, and resize your slides as well as convert your negatives into positives.


Suggested Price: $99.95


  1. These devices are useful, but the quality is lacking. if you want to digitize many slides cheaply by yourself, they´re a good option, but don´t expect quality anwhere near a decent scanner like a Nikon Coolscan 4000. Still, it is around 1/20th of the price of such a scanner…

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