SkinIt, Inc. Announces Availability of Vinyl Skins for iRobot Home Robots

(SAN DIEGO – April 24, 2006) – SkinIt Inc., a leading provider of on-demand and custom physical personalization of mobile electronic devices, announces today the availability of vinyl skins for iRobot Corp. home robots through a new Web portal – iRobot customers can now personalize their iRobot Roomba® Vacuuming Robots and iRobot Scooba™ Floor Washing Robots with vinyl skins reflecting popular brands and designs.

“Our robots take on unique roles in our customers’ homes. We hear from people that they often personalize their Roomba and Scooba robots by naming them, � said Greg White, executive vice president and general manager, iRobot. “These new SkinIt skins offer our robot owners another way to customize their robots, including the ability to download their own pictures and messages on the robot.�

The iRobot skins are available for both the Roomba Vacuuming Robot and Scooba Floor Washing Robot. Customers can choose from vinyl skins featuring professional sports teams like the NBA and MLB, college logos, or ten different colorful designs. The skin itself is made from a professional-grade vinyl, which is printed via a proprietary process that ensures detailed and premium images. The skin is then coated with a glossy finish and custom cut, which creates a perfect fit for each iRobot robot.

Each SkinIt skin is easy to apply, will not void the product warranty and has a protective element providing the robot with another layer of safety from scratches and other damage. The skin can be easily removed, allowing users to personalize their robots as often as they choose without damaging the product.

In addition to the iRobot skins, consumers can personalize more than 500 other mobile devices at, including cell phones, iPods, laptops, PDAs and gaming devices. Consumers can choose from skins reflecting professional sports leagues or players, college logos, Greek letters, movie or music brands (like AC/DC, Rolling Stones), cartoon and comic characters (like Looney Tunes), world flags, models, or fashion style. For an even more personalized experience, consumers can also upload their own images or digital photos to be custom printed on a skin for their mobile device.

“The personalization trend continues to grow and consumers are looking for new and innovative ways to personalize all of their electronic products,� says Patrick Pounders, SkinIt Vice President, Partner Sales. “The iRobot Roomba and iRobot Scooba were a natural fit for us and we are thrilled to provide this creative resource for home robot customers.�

The cost of each iRobot vinyl skin ranges from $19.98 to $29.98 and can be purchased at The skins are shipped direct to the consumer and usually arrive within ten business days.


About SkinIt, Inc.

Skinit Inc., with world headquarters in San Diego, California, is the global industry leader in business-to-customer and business-to-business personalization technology platforms, used for on-demand manufacturing and fulfillment in retail, Internet and promotional channels. Skinit offers the most advanced and robust manufacturing capability and largest product line of skins to personalize consumer electronic devices including cell phones, iPods, laptops, gaming consoles, desktop computers and monitors, specialized electronic devices (such as the iRobot Roomba) and many others.

iRobot, Roomba and Scooba are trademarks of iRobot Corporation.

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