Sirius S50 Satellite Radio Receiver and MP3/WMA Player

Sirius S50 Satellite Radio Receiver and MP3/WMA Player

The Sirius S50 Satellite Radio Receiver can take care of just about all your music needs. First off, the starter pack that you can purchase with the radio you get an AC adapter, cigarette lighter adapter, car antenna, car mount, ear buds, remote control, USB cable, belt clip and PC software. So many utilities for such a small receiver!

In the car you can take use of the wireless FM transmitter to transmit music over your car stereo. We say “music” because not only does the radio play Sirius programming but can hold up to 50 hours of digital music including saved Sirius programming and MP3/WMA files you copy over from your computer. For sports fans, the radio can alert you when your favorite teams are playing as well as displaying a sport ticker.

If you’re serious about keeping your music with you at all times, the Sirius S50 Satellite Radio Receiver and MP3/WMA Player System Pack may be just what you’re looking for. Small enough for your shirt pocket, and loaded with all the accessories you need to play it over your car stereo, the Sirius S50 offers an intoxicating blend of satellite radio and digital music capabilities that are certain to transform your portable listening experience.

Price: $326.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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