Sirius One SV1 Plug n Play Satelitlle Reciever – Any Vehicle

Sirius One SV1 Plug n Play Satelitlle Reciever - Any Vehicle

The SV1 comes with a magnetic mount antenna and includes a one line character display as well as built-in wireless FM transmitter. Along with an IR remote control, the unit has 30 channel presets for your favorite Sirius channels.

Easily add Sirius radio to your car without having to go out and buy a new car!

Get ready for extraordinary audio entertainment with the Audiovox XR9 XM Satellite Radio Receiver. This small, low-profile unit is a plug-and-play XM Radio receiver with loads of great home kit, car kit, and boombox options and accessories that allow you to enjoy XM’s 150-channel satellite radio network almost anywhere. The XR9 helps deliver XM’s huge variety of music, comedy, sports, talk, and news programming directly to you.

The built-in wireless FM transmitter turns any FM receiver into an XM radio. The XR9 has 14 selectable frequencies — just tune the correct station and pump XM satellite-quality radio through your home stereo system. The large, six-line LCD screen with easy-to-read blue backlighting delivers station, song, artist, and other information. With XM’s InfoExtras, the XR9 can even be programmed to a display personal stock ticker and scrolling sport scores.

There is so much to choose from on satellite radio, it might be easy to miss your favorite programs, artists, or songs — not with XR9! This receiver comes with TuneSelect and actually alerts you when your favorite artists’ songs start playing on other XM channels. You’ll never miss a beat with XM Radio and the XR9.

The XR9 also doubles as a clock with an alarm and a sleep timer. And parents will rest easy with a four-digit security code that can be used to prevent access to any channel. For more information about XM Radio digital-quality sound, coast-to-coast coverage, and more than 150 channels of satellite radio entertainment, visit the XM Radio web site.

Price: $48.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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