SensorfreshQ for Meat and Poultry

SensorfreshQ for Meat and Poultry Chances are you are grilling today if you live in America, but how sure can you be that the meat you are cooking is not spoiled? Using the SensorfreshQ, a handheld electronic “nose” using leading-edge food-safety technology to quickly measure the bacteriological activity on uncooked meat or poultry. In under one minute the sophisticated micro-processor takes over 2,000 readings and using complex algorithms to determine the food’s safety.

There is no special handling or prep required; and it works at any temperature. Simply hold the sensor about an inch above the meat and push a button; a built-in fan draws in the sample atmosphere past four electronic sensors that measure by-products of food-borne bacteria at sensitivities measured in parts per billion (ppb). It is programmed to correlate with the strictest international standards for food safety.


Suggested price: $49.95 (was $89.95)