IngenuiTEA 16oz Teapot

IngenuiTEA 16oz Teapot Caffeine comes in many forms to tickle the taste-buds and please the palate. While some prefer their caffeine to be a simple tasteless pill form, most like to enjoy and savor the flavor. Sodas and coffee are the most popular, but the caffeine delivery system that gets the least amount of attention is tea.

Ah, tea – that most ancient and honored brew! A simple infusion of herbs. Sometimes dried, often oxidized, tea is a natural source of caffeine as well as theobromides, anti-oxidants, polyphenols and amino acids. All that chemistry may sound intimidating, but it all translates to yummy goodness.

The problem with tea, though, is it can be a little fiddly to make the perfect cuppa. Anybody who knows anything about tea knows that the best is made from loose tea leaves. Get that teabag crap outta here! You know as well as we do that you’d be made fun of if you brought out your nice shiny porcelain teapot. “Ooh!” you can hear your coworkers saying, “Do you have doilies? Is it time for finger sandwiches?” Grr.

We’ve got the coolest way possible to make a perfect cup of tea with no mess. The IngenuiTEA holds up to 16 ounces of brew and tea leaves. After the specified amount of brewing time, just rest the pot over your mug, and the spring-loaded valve empties the tea into your mug, leaving the spent leaves behind. Dump and rinse, and you’re done. Easy!

So whether yours is a nice toasty genmaicha, or a spicy rooibos, an earthy oolong, or a lovely bergamot Earl-Grey, there’s no finer way to get your tea fix!


Suggested price: $18.99