Samsung 226BW 22-Inch Digital/Analog Widescreen LCD Monitor

Samsung 226BW 22-Inch Digital/Analog Widescreen LCD Monitor The Samsung 22″ Widescreen LCD monitor is the last entry in the desktop computer category because you need the right display for the machine and while the standard is 19″ now, if you want to use the monitor for entertainment reasons such as watching a video… upgrade to at least the 22″ monitor.

The Samsung Widescreen LCD monitor has a 16:10 aspect ratio giving you room for more applications, multiple images and all your tool palettes allowing you to multitask easier. Sporting an ultra-fast 2ms response time allows the consumer to motion edit as well as game in the monitor.

The 22″ widescreen monitor also offers a 160-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angle displaying 16.7 million colors using Samsung MagicColor to deliver a clearer and brighter image. Samsung’s MagicBright3 and MagicTune functions also help create the optimum viewing environment.


Suggested Price: $304.97

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