RFID Blocking Passport Billfold

RFID Blocking Passport Billfold

As of October, 2006, the US state department issued rules that dictate all US passports must have embedded RFID tags. The chips are designed to hold biometric data for passport holders, but are not designed to track your movements… Or so they say…

You don’t have to be a tin-foil-hat-wearing paranoid to be concerned about the implications to RFID tags built into your personal identification. From a distance, anyone with the right equipment can read the contents of that chip. He can tell your name, nationality, or any bit of info the gubmint decides to embed in your passport. For argument’s sake, you may trust the powers that be with that info, but anybody can get at that data. Do you trust everyone?

You lock your car, and your house, why not lock your personal data as well? Place your passport inside the RFID Blocking Passport Billfold, and your data remains safely ensconced inside soft black leather, only readable when you want it to be. Just like the RFID Blocking Wallet, your personal information never leaks out, and you won’t have to put tin-foil down your pants.

The RFID Blocking Passport Billfold has room for you passport, and also has room for four credit-cards, your driver’s license, and a pocket for your folding money. Nice!

Price: $17.99
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