Review: Slappa’s Metro Pro Laptop Case

Review: Slappa's Metro Pro Laptop Case

Slappa released their long awaited Laptop Line recently and since I had a heavy travel month, I used this opportunity to see how well the Slappa case would hold up and protect my laptop.

Slappa sent the Metro Pro case for review and since I was leaving for DC the next day, I hastily went to pack my laptop into the case for the trip to test the case for the review. The first thing I noticed about the laptop case was the look and feel of the case. The case is made of BuckBlast suede that feels nice and is waterproof to boot! Next, I noticed that the Metro Pro case barely could handle my monster of a laptop (a Dell Latitude C840). Most of the room was taken up by the laptop with no room for my laptop’s AC adapter so that was packed away in the suitcase along with some various reading material. The case reviewed seems to be the smallest case Slappa sells and looks like a courier bag. I believe the laptop case is sold for people that simply bring their laptop to and from work and do not travel too often.

Slappa’s Velocity holds laptops up to 17″ plus a couple notebooks, papers, drinks (in the rear “stay cool” pocket), your keys and a ton of other things you tote around on a daily basis. This bag has a ton of space, but it holds it’s shape with the PVC overlay on the outside of the case. Also, it comes with combination locks and a removable cell phone case.

The FlipTop holds up to 2 17″ laptops, or 1 17″ laptop, a notebook, papers, charger, mouse, etc… while the HardBody with sling holds 1 15″ laptop (Slappa is making a larger size case too), plus has pockets for papers, mouse, mouse pad, charger, pens and some other little odds and ends.

As far as using the laptop case for travel, the bag worked well except for the lack of space and seemed secure. To open the case (for travelling through security lines for example), there is only one latch that you press to open the top to quickly pull the laptop out. The inside of the case is partitioned where you can put the laptop in the back partition and other items in the front partition. I used the front partition for travelling documents such as maps, hotel reservation confirmations and plane tickets. The partition was large enough to hold a spiral bound notebook but with a smaller laptop you could hold more. On the top part of the flap that closes there are two mesh pockets and a zippered pocket. These are perfect for business card holders, receipts, and even change.

The strap for carrying the case over the shoulder was strong, easy to adjust and extremely comfortable due to padding. There is a metal handle if you prefer to carry the laptop and case by a handle rather than over the shoulder.

Looking at the case from the front, the bag looks like a courier bag with a large flap that fits over the laptop and is secured with a metal latch. Displayed prominently on the front of the bag is the Slappa logo. There is also an extreme business card holder made of heavy plastic with the Slappa logo on one side. The back of the bag has the handle at the top end and scuffs from a rough month on the road.

Now the true test, after four trips, was my laptop still ok? For the most part, yes. I did have the hinge that keeps the laptop closed break. This had nothing to do with the laptop case and everything to do with the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport security line and some clueless non-business travellers not realizing that they should not put their belts and shoes on at the conveyer which held up the line from going through the security line so I could not grab my laptop. The carrier the laptop was in flipped and my laptop rammed into the metal rollers! Ok, I have to breathe deeply and think happy thoughts now.

Slappa Metro Update: Slappa let us know that they are working on a second version of the Metro laptop bag which will offer more space in the main compartment, as well as more pockets on the inside of the flap.

What’s Groovy and What’s Sucky

What’s Groovy: Slappa always excels when it comes to protecting your equipment and the
Metro Pro case is no exception. In
addition to protecting the laptop, the case has a classic and very executive look.

What’s Sucky: The case was too compact for me while travelling, but for everyday to and from work travel
the Metro Pro case works.

Features Performance Quality Value
4 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars
The Slappa BuckBlast suede is water resistent and looks nice in black. The case comes with
a shoulder strap that is quite comfortable and easily adjustable as well as a comfortable handle
on the top if you prefer. The case also has a really nice business card holder.
The Metro Pro case performs the primary
function of protecting the laptop quite nicely but I could have used a larger case for travelling.
Slappa seems to always score perfectly here so there is no reason to break that trend. Seriously,
every Slappa product we have reviewed are well designed and constructed down to the smallest details.
At $69.99, the Slappa case is priced right with the laptop case market (at least the market that advertises protecting your laptop).
4 Stars
Slappa has successfully moved into the laptop case market after shipping winning cases
for other various electrical equipment including
iPod cases, PSP cases, and

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