Review: Slappa DVD Cases

Review: Slappa DVD Cases

A DVD case is a DVD case right? Well, that’s what I thought before I got my hands on the Slappa DVD cases for review.

Slappa DVD cases score a high “grooviness” rating with the Geeks due to the look and feel of the cases. The exterior of the DVD case is all black with some “z-suede” mixed in for a great feel. The cool Slappa 3D logo is molded into the case. The interior is “feel good” black velvet with netting on the inside cover to hold the dust-free cloth.

The Slappa DVD cases come in two varieties: 20/20 HardBody DVD and 40/40 HardBody DVD cases. We received the 40/40 HardBody DVD case to review. The 40/40 HardBody DVD case has 40 Double-Dip (or “D2” pockets). Basically, there are two pockets for each DVD, one to hold the DVD and one for the DVD artwork. You could use the artwork pocket for a DVD if you really wanted to which would allow you to store up to 80 DVDs but we do not recommend that.

Now onto the important issues… how does the Slappa DVD protect your DVD assets? The DVD case does an excellent job from what we can tell from our testing period. The DVDs are nestled between two layers of non-scratch fabric and not the usual circular plastic holders that you are probably use to. DVDs do not get scratched when inserting or retrieving from the case and once the DVD is placed in their places, they do not move around. Slappa’s tag line is “Protect Your Digital Gear” and they mean it.

The Slappa DVD case also makes it easy to find your DVDs using a catalog window on the spine and the D2 pockets. Each case comes with two spine cards that allow you to catalog multiple cases if you were to stack them like books on a shelf. The D2 pockets have two pockets for each DVD. One pocket has the non-scratch fabric on either side protecting the DVD and one pocket has a clear front for the DVD artwork allowing you to quickly flip through the DVD case to locate the DVD you want to watch.

Another criterion that is important to the Geeks is how sturdy the DVD case is. This is a nice hard and well-built case unlike other cases that are soft shell or cheap plastic that are on the market. In addition to the case being well-built, the D2 pockets are extremely well made as the D2 pockets are actually stitched and not heat sealed. Obviously a lot of thought was put into the quality of this product.

All Slappa cases have wide and heavy gauge zippers allowing you to easily open and close the case. One the zipper closes the DVD case, the case stays shut. The only change I would make to the product would be to allow the case to completely open flat but you cannot due to the carrying handle. The handle is heavy duty on the case as well.

The recommended price of the Slappa DVD case is $33.99 which might seem like a lot for a DVD case, but the Slappa DVD case is well worth the cost. The product has been well thought out and well-built. The DVD case looks and feels great to boot! Slappa’s D2 pockets really set the product apart from other DVD cases protecting DVDs and showing off the DVD artwork. In Slappa’s “case”, it’s acceptable to double dip!

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Slappa 20/20 HardBody DVD Case
Slappa 40/40 HardBody DVD Case

What’s Groovy and What’s Sucky

What’s Groovy: The grooviness factor is high for the Slappa DVD case in regards to the look and feel of the case (not to mention the double-dip “D2” pockets). The exterior of the case has the feel of suede and the interior is velvet contributing to a high grooviness feel factor.

What’s Sucky: The only thing I would put on my wish list for this product would be the ability after unzipping the DVD case to lay the edges flat. That’s it.

Features Performance Quality Value
5 Stars 4 Stars 5 Stars 5 Stars
The double-dip (“D2“) pockets set the Slappa cases apart from other cases. There are two layers of no-scratch fabric protecting your DVDs and then a clear pocket to hold the media cover. There is a cataloging window on the spine along with a couple of spine cards and a dust-free disc cleaning cloth. The DVD case performs very well but I would like it so that when I unzip it all the way that the case would lie flat. Slappa has a six month warranty, but I doubt anyone has to use that. The case has been well constructed and manufactured and does not feel like any other DVD or media case that I’ve felt on the market. This is not one of those soft shell or the cheap plastic cases, the case’s body is molded duro-shock with some and has a velvet interior. The double-dip pockets will not scratch the DVDs and have been stiched and not heat sealed so they will not pull apart over time. $33.99 for a DVD case… isn’t that expensive? Absolutely for most cases but not Slappa’s. The Slappa DVD case design was well thought out and executed, the quality of the product is rivaled by none and finally the product gets a high grooviness factor for look and feel. The Slappa DVD case is well worth the money.
5 Stars
Slappa knows how to make quality media cases and their DVD case represents this. DVDs are not cheap and I would not trust them in any other DVD carrying case.