Review: PricePirates price comparison software

PricePirates is a piece of Windows freeware that lets you compare prices in eBay auctions ( you can select what country), and Each of those product sources show up in different tabs in the software and automatically populated once you switch to a tab. There is also a tab with a Web search (although I don’t know why you would bother with this when there are much better search engines out there).

I found that the results were a bit hit or miss on the and tabs, although eBay results looked fine. For example, a search for ‘ipod touch 8gb‘ did not return the actual iPod listed on Amazon. On the plus side, search results came back quickly and re-sorting results by description, price, time left, etc. was also very fast.

PricePirates also features your own personal watchlist, the ability to search multiple eBay and Amazon stores in other countries, eBay store searches, and even the ability to submit a bid directly from the app.

PricePirates has potential. If it could search on multiple shopping sites ( a la Pricegrabber), or perhaps focus on auction sites, and compare items across multiple auction sites, then it would become a lot more valuable. Otherwise, if you’re strictly an eBay/Amazon person, then this is a good way to compare whether bidding for an item or buying it outright/used on Amazon is the better way to go.

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