Review: New Slingbox Review Round-up

Review: New Slingbox Review Round-up

Slingcommunity released three separate reviews for the new Slingboxes including the Slingbox Tuner, Slingbox A/V and the Slingbox PRO.

The Slingbox Tuner is Sling Media’s newest little Slingbox for those consumers who have the “basic” needs… geeks with DVRs need not apply! The Tuner allows input from terrestrial antenna and basic cable only. The reviewer was confused as to why Sling Media would include a model that only accepts analog inputs which are supposed to be phased out by 2009, but for those with basic cable or antenna and high speed internet, the Tuner would be a good introduction to “slinging”.

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The small Slingbox A/V is fast and controls just about any external source. This Slingbox does not contain a tuner (like all the other Slingboxes) so the A/V targets digital cable and satellite customers. Some criticism includes the lack of wireless support and A/V pass-thru. While wireless is lacking on all the Slingboxes, for some reason the A/V is the only new Slingbox without pass-thru. Where the A/V shines over the previous version of Slingbox is in-network performance. The remote performance is nearly the same however.

Finally, the Slingbox Pro “has it all” including acceptance of HD sources, multiple inputs and pass-thru for everything. Not as revolutionary as the original Slingbox, the Pro lacks wireless and has an HD port that actually accepts a proprietary $50 HD dongle rather than HDMI input. With that said, Sling Media has refined the product’s performance especially in-network and the added HD support and four video sources means that the upgrade should be worthwhile for some.

Source: DVR Playground

4 Stars