Review: Nanda’s Clocky, the Alarm Clock that Runs Away

Nanda Clocky Alarm ClockHow many times do you wake up to an annoying ringing alarm clock, hit the snooze (or worse yet turn it off) then fall back asleep. Even worse, you’ve hit the snooze so many times that the alarm turns itself off. What has your alarm clock cost you? You could have missed an important meeting, first period at school, your ride, Christmas, birthdays, morning bathroom trips – the list goes on.

If you are a heavy sleeper like me, you need a better solution than your old alarm clock or having to hire an answering service to call you each morning until you wake up. Nanda Home, a US based alarm clock manufacturer, has found a solution to your tendency to oversleep. Their innovation on the traditional alarm clock is named “Clocky”.

Clocky is as attractive as it is simple. At face value, it looks like a traditional alarm clock with a bit of flair. It is a small digital clock set on two large wheels. There are 2 buttons on the clock (used to set the time and the alarm) and the large display gives you a clear view of the time. Unlike other alarm clocks you may have used, it is not a challenge to program the current time & the alarm time.

Here is the innovation: to use Clocky, simply put it next to your bed, on the floor, or on your end table as you would any alarm clock. The alarm is loud, obnoxiously loud, but that’s not the hook. The genius here is that hitting the snooze button triggers the clock to actually roll away from you the next time the alarm goes off!

This forces the Clocky’s owner to get out of bed and manually turn off the alarm or hit the snooze button again. Warning in case you are a snooze-a-holic – you can only snooze once. But who is worrying about snoozing at this point? You are already out of bed so you might as well give in and officially wake up, right?

The alarm is more annoying than a traditional alarm clock boasting a random noise pattern that is very difficult to sleep through. The clock also features flashing lights to disturb your sleep (or send you into seizure). It is difficult to sleep through, I promise. Attention college kids, teenagers, narcoleptics, and anyone else who needs to wake up for something – this is the clock for you.

For those of you who are looking for the features of Clocky but don’t think an alarm clock with two giant wheels that looks like a mini monster truck will fit the decor of your room, the good folks at Nanda have thought of this too. Clocky has a more fashionable brother, Tocky. Tocky is basically a ball with legs with the same basic features of Clocky. In addition, Tocky rolls with no wheels, can record and playback personal wakeup messages, and even play your favorite MP3’s as your morning alarm music. Like Clocky, Tocky comes in different colors to help match your style.

If you are already thinking about how to beat the clock, you are probably thinking the repetitive falls from your end table will eventually break Clocky. Sorry, you won’t be that lucky. It is designed to take falls and “keep on ticking”. I tried to sabotage it by forcing a forward dive from my end table onto my hardwood floors with no luck. The clock kept moving – every morning – for months.

I have searched the Internet for complaints about Clocky and they are few and far between. One of the complainers found the clock too loud and obnoxious. Is this really a complaint? Isn’t it an alarm clock?

I’d imagine if you have a roommate or a spouse, it can be difficult for them if they don’t have to wake up or have no trouble waking up. I guess one feature they didn’t include is a number to a good divorce lawyer!

Nicolas DAlleva is the owner of Specialty Answering Service.

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  1. Look for a brand new snooze alarm clock app hitting the Apple App Store soon. It's called MultiSnooze. It allows you to tap your snooze button multiple times and take your snoozes right up front when you determine that you're going to hit your snooze button again and again. You snooze you win.

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