Review: MicroLite, Hands-Free Micro-Lighting

Have you ever needed someone else to hold a flashlight for you in a badly lit location, despite how bright the room may have been? (Think inside of a computer case.) Well, startup MicroLite Tech has a solution – their self-named MicroLite. It’s an approximately 1 cubic inch cube that stores a small LED light that is turned on when you press on the top of the unit and pop out the light.


I tested it out behind my computer (of course!). It works as advertised. I only had 2 pieces of constructive criticism. First, I don’t care for the pop-out mechanism. It requires pushing in and then pulling out with your finger/thumb. When this gizmo is attached semi-permanently (via the 3M self-adhesive tape) somewhere, you’ll notice it takes some rocking for it to pop up. I’d rather it just be a simple push in to pop out, push to pop back in.

Second, I find it a bit pricey – $10 for a single unit or even $20 for 3 is a bit much. I think somewhere around $3 is probably about right. It does have a 1-year warranty and the lights last for 30 hours which should translate into much more than a year of use.

But I can’t complain about what it does. Definitely falls into the ‘hey, why didn’t I think of that?’ category, so well-done MicroLite. They’re also developing a magnetic one so that it becomes a lot more portable instead of having to stick and unstick. BTW, they’re always on the lookout for new and useful uses for the MicroLite, so let them know if you come up with one!

(Disclaimer: Gizmos for Geeks received a complimentary review copy of this product.)

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