Review: Cyber Clean – The Ironically Slime-Looking Cleaning Compound

cyber clean keyboardYou may have seen this product, Cyber Clean, on TV and we got our hands on some of the light-flourescent-green colored silly putty like blob to test it out.

How It Works:
Take the Cyber Clean blob and press it (don’t rub) to the surface you want to clean. Cyber Clean molds to the surface you apply it to, after which you peel it off the surface. It encapsulates the dirt and bacteria into its self.

Does It Work?
In particular, Cyber Clean likes to use the example of the disgusting keyboard that traps a lot more dirt, food particles and bacteria than you can imagine. And yes, Cyber Clean definitely picks up the dust and particles on the keyboard and in between the keys. However, it’s not so elastic and ‘smart’ to get to the particles that have fallen beneath the keys. There’s no question that this is a better method than the paper towel and household cleaner that I’ve used in the past – it picks up a great deal more and is much faster.

The bottom line is that if you’reĀ  a real germ-o-phobe, you may want to periodically replace your keyboard, or if you’re adventurous, run it through the dishwasher; (no guarantees on whether it will come out working though!).

Other Uses
But don’t restrict yourself to just your keyboard. The ubiquity of plastics and metals in our lives, not to mention the small form factors means there are lots more places for dust and bacteria to collect. Cyber Clean picks this up really well. My favorite spot has to be the metal grill on the front of my computer (covering the front-facing fans) – they’re now back to being black instead of the grey-colored mess.

cyber clean tubOther ideas for using Cyber Clean: telephone, cell phone, MP3 player, speaker grill, AV equipment, computers and accessories. Anything that you can’t use water or liquid cleaners on is perfect.

Since the Cyber Clean traps all of the dust and dirt it comes in contact with, and eventually becomes too dirty to use any more, we recommend you perform an initial dusting of the device to get rid of the larger, more accessible particles before using CC. This should lengthen its lifetime.

Where to Buy
Cyber Clean is non-toxic and biodegradable. You can buy Cyber Clean directly from the manufacturer, in many retail stores (like Walmart) and from online vendors like and ThinkGeek starting under $10.

For the reasonable price, and if you would like to save yourself time cleaning your gadgets, then we totally recommend you pick up a container or package of Cyber Clean.

(Disclaimer: Gizmos for Geeks received a complimentary review copy of this product.)


  1. worked on cable box remotes too did good job on laptop but turn off first. did not work at all on desktop keyboard. It was just way too gross and I threw it away after blowing it out with a can of air and finding dried food… like mustard or ketchup. yuc….

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