ReNu – Green Chargers for Your iGadgets

Green Charger for iGadgets

We love our iPods, iPhones, and digital cameras. But when millions of users recharge their gadgets using fossil fuel-powered energy, it puts an incredible strain on our fast depleting sources of exhaustible energy.

ReNu has released a ‘green recharger’ that will allow users to enjoy their gadgets with worrying about the environmental impact. The company has developed a modular solar panel- square in shape and black in color- that will recharge your iPods, phones, and cameras using the freely available solar energy.

All you have to do is place the ReNu (pronounced renew) panel in direct sunlight and allow it to absorb energy from the sun and charge up. Later, in the evening you can dock your iPod or iPhone and recharge the device.

If the panel stays in direct sunlight for about four to five hours, it will have enough energy to completely recharge your iPhone. ReNu will have two base units to complement its solar panel. One would be a dedicated iPod/iPhone dock; the other would be a Side Light desk lamp.

The aesthetics of the panel deserves a mention. It is square in shape with its edges rounded off. The black, front panel sits on a white, back panel providing a hip look to the solar charger. The ReNu panel is now available online for $199; the base units start at $50.

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