Remote Motorized Umbrella Controller

Remote Motorized Umbrella Controller

The Geeks are getting lazy! We got caught up watching Trinidad and Tobago block everything Sweden kicked at them in the World Cup and forgot to add a Gizmo of the Day earlier today!

Therefore, we thought it made sense to add a gizmo that aids in laziness. Featuring the ultimate in laziness, you can now open and close your outdoor umbrella using a remote.

Well, enough work for today.

Impress neighbors and guests by automatically opening and closing your patio umbrella remotely using a table-mounted switch or a wireless remote control. The Remote Motorized Umbrella Controller’s RF remote control has a 40-foot range and even works through walls and glass, allowing control from inside your home on inclement days. This remote-control patio umbrella motor works with all patio and market umbrellas up to 10 feet in diameter, with metal or wood poles, hand-cranks, rope lifts, or manual lift systems.

The included power adapter cord is 25 feet long to reach a convenient wall outlet, and its cord is thin enough to pass through your patio table hole from underneath. You’ll feel safe installing this motor to your patio umbrella, because the actual motor attaches to upper end of the umbrella pole, eliminating child safety concerns.

Price: $149.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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