Remote Desktop for Mobiles

Remote Desktop for Mobiles redefines mobility by offering distant access to user’s desktops from mobile phones, Blackberry devices, and on-line PC systems. It allows not only monitoring your system remotely, but also accessing and managing files, launching applications and otherwise using resources of remote systems.

The second major release of Remote Desktop for Mobiles, which is announced today, extends the program’s functionality with a hosted service to facilitate access to remote desktops from web browsers. Remote Desktop for Mobiles v2.0 features distant file transfer and management, application launch, document editing and other ways of accessing remote system resources. Screen-sharing opens up an access to host system applications and settings. The introduction of an intermediary on-line service in the new version of the program serves additional security and minimal changes of firewall rules on the server side. Along with direct access mode, the hosted service provides wider flexibility while maintaining high level of security.

Rather than luxury, secure internet access to home and office desktops and corporate LANs is today’s must for businesses. Access to remote business resources and applications can dramatically increase productivity of remote and mobile workers. Remote Desktop for Mobiles v2.0 brings the riches of remote systems over to the user while maintaining security of the data transfer.

While the previous version focused on operating PC systems remotely from mobile phones and Blackberrys, Remote Desktop for Mobiles v2.0 extends the means of distant control to all web browsers with the support for Java applets. All road warriors working at a customer site, or staying in a hotel on business can now enjoy the benefits of broadband connectivity when accessing their offices or home PCs. The program allows connecting to a distant system from a web-browser directly or via RDM Online hosted service. Remote Desktop for Mobiles v2.0 provides a much faster interaction between a client and a server. It also provides a high level of security befitting the demands of business environment. Robust encryption protects each session end to end. Business users can now enjoy a full access to their office systems without compromising network security.

The combination of a fast distant access to PC systems and robust encryption makes Remote Desktop for Mobiles v2.0 applicable to various user needs. It allows accessing vital information on the go and using business applications and corporate LAN resources. It can become the extension of your help desk and provide remote help services. It can even be used for parental control of offspring’s network activities. The technology offered by Remote Desktop for Mobiles v2.0 will help you combine extra mobility with the joy of comfort and security.

Remote Desktop for Mobiles v2.0 Features at a Glance

– Support for all available means of communication (mobile phones, RIM Blackberry devices and all popular web browsers); – Support for connection relay through secure RDM Online Service; – Remote access from any location via Java web client under most OS (Windows, Unix/Linux, Mac) without installing additional software; – Strong encrypted communication either directly or via secure RDM Online Service; – Intuitively clear user interface; – Feature-rich remote desktop.

Pricing and Availability

Remote Desktop for Mobiles v2.0 offers complete support for Windows family OS and Java-powered mobile devices. Users of other systems can operate Remote Desktop for Mobiles v2.0 via a web client.

A single-user license costs $29.99 (USD) and includes an installation package and a three-month access to RDM Online Service. Bulk orders are subject to discounts. Registered users are entitled to free technical support. A fully-functional trial version is available at