RedEye turns your iPhone into a Universal Remote Control

RedEye iPhone Remote ControlHere’s another product to turn your iPhone into a Universal Remote, the RedEye. RedEye’s device hooks up to the devices you want to control (like your TV, cable box, DVR, etc.), and the RedEye iPhone app (free download) controls them over your WiFi network.

As long as you have WiFi signal, you can control other RedEye-connected devices in other rooms in your house. Think about it – you forgot to turn off the TV. No need to go back to the living room – a few swipes and you’re done.

You can add as many or as few RedEye devices as you’d like to control as many rooms as you want, and you can use more than 1 iPhone/iPod Touch.

The other huge possibility is hooking the RedEye up to some INSTEON or X10 controllers to control light fixtures and more, so this definitely lives up to the Universal name.

We still think the Logitech Harmony 1100 is gorgeous, and you don’t need AT&T to use it!

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