Really Easy Reader – speed reading assistant

Today’s Gizmo is the Really Easy Reader whose aim is to get you reading documents at a faster speed – they claim that this can easily be double your normal reading speed. This basically works by flashing words on your screen very quickly (hit the manufacturer link for an example), or by running a ticker quickly across the screen, forcing you to read them very quickly and, as such, decreases the amount of time taken to read a document.


The part that makes it so special is that it does not require any training – people can go to ‘speed reading’ lessons for ages and hardly benefit, whereas with this you see instant results. The speed of the words appearing on screen can be altered in case you want to read faster or slower. Naturally this works across all operating systems, can open Text, RTF, PDF and Word documents automatically or it can read from a provided URL. Any text from unsupported formats can simply by copied and pasted in. There is also a high range of customisation available in text/background color and text size, and bookmarks can be added should you wish to stop reading and pick it up again later.

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