RC MINI Cooper S Convertible

RC MINI Cooper S Convertible

Don’t you wish you had a convertible as summer is here, perhaps a Mini Cooper Convertible? If you don’t have that kind of cash, then how about a remote control Mini Cooper?!

Our recent round up of spy cameras inspired us to go find some new RC autos. This is the RC MINI Cooper Convertible – costing only $25 and an exact 1:43 replica (body work only – don’t expect to find a tiny BMW engine in there powering it!) of a real one it is almost as good fun as driving around in the real thing!

It has a top speed of 150mph 0.1m/s? plus special turbo boost on the remote and has fully functioning headlines – just like a real one!

Buy now!

Price: $25.00
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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