RadarGolf System

RadarGolf System

Golfers, are you frustrated by the two, three or more lost balls per round — and the stroke-and-distance penalties that destroy what could be a decent score? Ever lost a ball you knew you had hit in the fairway? Hate holding up other golfers while you tramp through the woods? Tired losing brand-new balls right out of the box?! Exactly! Every golfer feels that way — but no more.

After years of effort, someone finally invented The RadarGolf™ System — and it will change the game of golf forever! It is the best gift you could ever give anyone who loves the game.

RadarGolf’s BPSâ„¢ technology.
RadarGolfâ„¢ Ball Positioning Systemâ„¢ (BPSâ„¢) combines proprietary, state-of-the-art radio-frequency technology with superior golf-ball manufacturing capabilities. This allows communication between the RadarGolf Handheld device and a tiny microchip implanted in the core of a RadarGolf Ball. Depending on the terrain, it works from up to 33 yards away.

Just point the RadarGolf Handheld toward the area where you think your ball went; move it left and right and a pulsed beeping indicates when you are getting closer to your lost RadarGolf Ball; an LCD gives you visual indicators, too. As you approach, the beeps go faster until one continuous high-pitched tone says, “You found it!” You can lower or mute this beeping to avoid distracting other players. The USGA allows use of the RadarGolf System for posting handicaps, so every golfer will benefit.

The RadarGolf Ball.
The USGA-conforming RadarGolfâ„¢ Ball is an excellent, high-quality golf ball that outperforms many premium brands. It meets all USGA specifications for size, weight, distance, initial velocity, symmetry. The embedded RF microchip is tiny. Even if you have a favorite brand, you will be more than pleased with the superior distance and feel of RadarGolf Balls.

You get a dozen of these RadarGolf Balls with the system; additional ones are available (RG002, $39.95 for a dozen). Why extras? This is “radar” not “sonar” — and your wet and OB shots will remain elusive!

The RadarGolf System.
Your purchase includes the RadarGolf Handheld (with protective case); a dozen RadarGolf Balls (plus two specially lined Shield-Itâ„¢ pouches that keep spare RadarGolf Balls from affecting your search). Handheld measures 6″ x 3 1/2″ x 1 3/4″; it runs on 6 AAA batteries (included). 180-day warranty. Exclusive to The Sharper Image.

Price: $249.95
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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