R/C Missle Launcher

R/C Missle Launcher

Launch an epic battle with your kitty cat or your dog by using your drone remote control missle launchers. This is one of the coolest remote control vehicles we have featured as gizmo of the day!

The Remote Control Missle Launcher shoots soft foam missles up to 15 feet and features light and firing sound effects as well as moving aroound. The coolness factor really kicks in as the turret elevates to 45-degrees, rotates 350-degrees left and right and then launches up to 10 foam missles at once. You can win your epic battle against your sleeping kitty with this bad boy!

This R/C Missile Launcher is one of the coolest R/C toys to grace the ThinkGeek office. Believe us when we say that many a R/C vehicle has been put through it’s paces on the hallowed grounds of ThinkGeek low-pile carpet. This dangerous missile loaded tank had our robotic office monkeys running for cover as zoomed about unleashing barrage after barrage of foam missiles.

First start with the missile battery locked down while you maneuver the R/C missile launcher into position. With a button press it pops up… ready to fire. Now you can rotate the missiles to shoot in any direction. Press the fire button once to launch a single missile or hold the button down for a deadly rapid-fire machine gun style attack. Flashing lights and sounds accompany the action. The R/C Missile Launcher maneuvers easily in forward and reverse with tank-like controls and can do 360-degree spins in true evasive maneuver battle tank fashion. This R/C juggernaut can handle rough terrain and climb 30-degree slopes with its tank style treads. Your home or office will never be safe again!

Price: $59.99
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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