Neuros MPEG4 video recorder

MPEG4 Video Recorder Digital Answer To VCR

Peripherals specialist Pinpoint Consumer Electronics has launched a major video recording solution that is the perfect accompaniment to the record breaking Sony PSP and other portable media players.

The Neuros Video Recorder is the most convenient, efficient and affordable solution to converting video files into MPEG4 format. Operated using the same principles as the VCR, the device records from any video source (including TV, camcorder, DVD player and satellite) onto a Memory Stick Pro Duo or Compact Flash memory card. The recorded video files can then be played back on the Sony PSP, Video iPod, PDA, Smartphone and laptop by transferring the memory card to the chosen media player.

Exclusively distributed by Pinpoint Consumer Electronics in the UK, the Neuros MPEG4 Video Recorder is a breakthrough in the process of creating, transferring and viewing digital video files on the PSP and other media players that support MPEG-4 files and retails at just £149.99.

Setting up the Neuros is simple and once linked to your video source, it can be left in place just as a DVD player would be. Measuring just 4.6 inches x 3.42 and weighing 140g, it is ultra lightweight and compact and making the ideal state-of-the-art addition to any modern “digital home�.

Making video more accessible is the key benefit that the Neuros Video Recorder provides coupled with the fact consumers are leading an increasingly mobile lifestyle it has the potential to become mass-market merchandise.

Any parties interested in featuring or reviewing the Neuros Video Recorder should contact Pinpoint immediately as samples available for review are limited. Parties who would like to enquire about stocking the Neuros MPEG4 Video Recorder should also contact Pinpoint directly.

Heather Leech – Marketing & PR Executive
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Pinpoint Consumer Electronics
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Tel: 01606 558 428

Recording Time for 1GB card:
Super Fine=60min

Complete System Includes
Standard A/V RCA Interface Cables (European units may contain SCART adapters)
110-240V AC/DC Power Supply
Remote Control
User Manual Driver and Bundle Software Pack.

The Neuros will be available from the following stores or call 01606 558 428 for stockists:

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