PlayStation II Eye Toy

PlayStation II Eye Toy

Video game makers have been experimenting with live-action video in games since the early 1980s but EyeToy (a digital camera for PlayStation2) marks the first time it’s been done right. The device magically superimposes video-game graphics onto a player’s image and translates his or her movements into controlling elements of the game. It is the best improvement of video game controls since the joystick. Games are now controlled just by moving your body!

PartyEyeToy has two components: a digital camera that plugs into one of the USB ports in the front of the PS2 and a disc of party games. In the EyeToy games–there are 12 on the disc, but some of them are little more than variations on the same theme–your image is at the center of the action. The game is totally controlled by moving your body in front of the camera. For example, in one game where the object is to beat back invading hordes of kung-fu fighters who come at you from the four corners of the screen, you must move your hands (or elbows, head, hips, whatever) to connect with the fighters onscreen and slap them away. Unlike most contemporary video games, EyeToy is so intuitive that most users will be able to play in a matter of seconds–even toddlers and senior citizens. Watching someone play EyeToy is fun.


  • USB digital camera makes the player the “star” of the game; camera unit is 2.25″ tall by 2.25″ wide by 3.5″ deep
  • Motion-tracking technology instantly translates body movement into on-screen interaction
  • Comes with twelve mini-games, including: Wish-Washi, Beat Freak, Kung Fu, Soccer Craze, Boxing Chump
  • Can also be used to instantly create personalized video messages
  • Funky Playroom feature (visual effects) and multiplayer options make EyeToy the perfect party peripheral

Price: $44.88
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