Important Notice: Gizmos for Geeks shutting down…

The Geeks have been contacted by the FBI to shut down our site within 30 days due to a law passed by an incompetant congress back in 1994. The law (SB 040194) makes it illegal to use the internet or other public network while drunk. Back in 1994 before the Internet was well known, Congress apparently misunderstood what the ‘Information Highway’ was and thought that being drunk on a highway was bad no matter what highway it is.

While the law makes no sense for us techno-savvy people, it was passed by congress and never repealed! Unfortunately with the law on the books, the FBI now uses the law to tap the network links of people who “use or abuse alcohol” while accessing the internet and uses the obscure law to prosecute.

Please help support us and leave a comment and thanks for stopping by the site as it’s been a great run for the drunken geeks. Check back for updates to our plight.

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