Replace your sink’s drain pipe with the transparent, never-clog PermaFLOW

I love this product. And for the price, it’s very practical and will one day probably save you a lot of money in paying an expensive plumber. It’s a see-through never-clog u-shape drain.

The PermaFLOW lets you use an external knob on the outside of the drain to move a wiper that clears out blockages and of course, you can see what’s trapped down there through the transparent material. No need to pour chemicals down the sink or call a plumber. It also claims to prevent clog build-up as opposed to the traditional P-traps.

An additional interesting feature is the bypass option that allows water to flow through an upper chamber if there’s a sudden buildup of debris.

The PermaFLOW is easy to install. You can retrofit a P-trap drain with the included adaptors that fit standard 1-1/2-inch (kitchen) and 1-1/4-inch (bath) plumbing.

PermaFLOW comes with a 10-year replacement warranty and is designed to work without problems with conventional drain chemicals.

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Price: $29.99
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  1. Ridiculous, It would be black in a couple of months.

    Plus, you are just adding an obstruction. What a waste of plastic, manufacturing and "brain power???".


  2. "you can see what’s trapped down there through the transparent material." I hope its not for toilets too. I wouldnt like to see my crap all clogged in there lol .(or anyone else's for that matter :p)

  3. The external knob to clear blockage makes sense, but I agree that it would not remain clear for long so that feature is pretty much pointless.

  4. My sink disposal pipe constantly got clogged right at the second J trap. After taking the pipes apart 8 or 9 times I installed this gizmo and it works great. I can still overfeed the drain but the wheel lets me turn the internal partition to push the food bits through without disassembling the works. It is clear plastic and you can see the contents of the pipe (a flashlight helps) but basically you get an idea of 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 blockage. With clear water running through you can see fine as long as there aren’t many bubbles. I haven’t used the bypass pipe much, just the wheel to force stuff through. It installed easy and I’d use it on any drain that had a flow or sediment buildup problem. I’m just surprised someone didn’t invent this 20 years ago.

  5. "and will one day probably save you a lot of money in paying an expensive plumber" How stupid do you have to be to pay someone to clear a clog for you. Even if you dropped a ring down the drain it is as simple as removing a pipe, taking out the ring and putting the pipe back on.

    1. Yes, Especially if your good enough at plumbing to install it, then your probably smart enough to take off the P-trap clear a clog, get a ring, without a plumber, . I like the idea if you get frequent clogs. but not for save on plumbers.

  6. By forcing the stuff through, aren't you just risking a clog even further down where you cannot reach it?

  7. It seems like this is a good and bad idea. On one side stuff won't get stuck at the neck, but it might get stuck further down. Seems like it might be better to not put stuff down your drain.

  8. The outside lump to obvious obstruction make intelligence, but I concur that it would not stay obvious for extended so that characteristic is attractive much useless.

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