Periscope Flip Cover+Light for the Kindle, DX, Nook

Periscope Flip Cover+Light for the Kindle, NookIf you have a Kindle 2, Kindle DX or B&N Nook, you may sometimes wish you had a bit more light and possibly a nice protective cover. Well Periscope has you covered.

They have a few models, like the Flip Cover+Lights. It has LED lights that go on/off automatically when you extend/retract that light.

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Price: $59.99
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  1. My first impression of the Kindle DX was that it was actually very small compared to what I expected. The entire device is slightly smaller (in height and width) than a piece of paper, with the screen taking up approximately 85-90% of the front. This was actually a nice surprise, since I wanted something very portable, but good for magazines/research articles. After seeing the size of the DX, I think a K2 would have been way too small for what I want.

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