Palringo Mobile Messaging Service

parlingoPalringo is the ‘ultimate Instant Messaging client for mobile phones and computers’. Imagine an IM service that’s a mixture of all other IMs out there, with a touch of GPS, Facebook and audio added; that’s Palringo. What makes it successful is that it’s essentially lots of very basic services bundled together to make a very useful application.

Available for pretty much any phone under 2 years old (and on any Windows or Mac computers if you so wish), the application allows you to hold multiple conversations with people on the most popular IM services out there, included MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Talk, Jabber and many more. Palringo also allows for multimedia messaging such as being able to send voice messages to other users and, of course, the standard sending of photos and videos. People can be grouped and then one message sent out simultaneously to all of them – perfect for a party announcement!

The best parts? It’s free and available worldwide – all that’s needed is a data package and away you go.

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