Nokia 8800 Sirocco

Cell phones are a very popular part of pop culture. Cell phone companies often team up with popular companies to make limited editions of their phones. Some of these companies are designers, car makers, and movies. These limited editions of these are often brought for special occasions like the premier of a movie or for the launch of a new car. Nokia teamed up with Lamborghini, the Italian car maker, to make a special edition of one of their phones.

This phone was a special edition of the Nokia 8800 Sirocco phone. It was black and had the Lamborghini logo on the front and says Lamborghini on the back. The Lamborghini logo is laser etched on the front with stainless steel casing along with the serial number. The slider on the phone uses Lamborghini made ball bearing. Nokia only made 500 of these phones and no more will ever be made. The phones are only available to Lamborghini car customers. This is a phone that was a very exclusive. For those lucky few, who were able to get their hands on one, they have something that is truly unique.

Written By Devicepedia