Nitro RC Racer – Ford GT

Nitro RC Racer - Ford GT

CEN Racing is an RC hobbyist’s dream company. One of the things that they’re big on is Nitro RC cars, boats, buggies and trucks. These things are amazingly fast – the Nitro RC cars can go over 70MPH! The guys over at RC Trading Post put together a video of one of these RC cars and man, it’s fast. What’s funny is that the car goes so fast that the cameraman has a hard time tracking it and ends up with a really shaky, blurry video at one point. Unfortunately, they didn’t place the body on the chassis, so it looks like a little robot run amok. As proof, the guys even had a speed gun on hand to measure the speed – 73.4MPH.


  • Drivetrain 1 : 73.4mph at your fingertips
  • Drivetrain 2: “Conquer the Track”
  • 1:10 Scale Radio Controlled Nitro Racing Car
  • Fout Wheel Drive (3 belt drive train)
  • Bevel Gear Differentials
  • WheelBase: 260mm (10.24″)
  • Width: 196mm (7.72″)
  • Weight: 1900gm (67.8oz)
  • Gear Ratio: 4.875/6.825 (1st/2nd gear)
  • Ground Clearance: 8mm (0.31″)
  • Tires: 26mm (1.02″) width x 65mm (2.56″) diameter
  • NX-15 Big Block Lighting Engine
  • Big Block 2.5
  • 3 Ports
  • Dual precision crank bearings
  • 35000RPM
  • SG shafts
  • True ABC construction
  • Rear exhaust
  • Slide Carb

Price: $329
(Please note prices are subject to change and the listed price is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting)

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