nio Bluetooth security system prevents your phone from ‘walking away’

UK company, TenBu, has a solution for alerting you if your prized possessions go ‘wandering’ off – the nio Bluetooth security system.

nio is a small fob (or tag) that you tie via Bluetooth to your phone. So if your phone and nio end up being apart at some predetermined distance, a loud audible alarm will go off on the nio tag.

The distance threshold depends on the security setting – low, medium or high. The higher the security, the lower the distance. 25m is the maximum range.

nio currently operates on most Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and other popular mobile handsets, including Windows Mobile devices. A full list of compatible devices can be found at Android and Palm support should show up later this year.

The accompanying software that runs on your phone can manage up to 5 nio tags, so you can buy additional tags and place them in spots like your briefcase, handbag, etc. Here’s a video explaining how the nio system works:

The nio tags are a bit pricey, but hopefully, other competitors will spring up to drive down the cost on such a necessary service.

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Price: $77.95
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As suggested in the article the device will work with most mobile phone suppliers like blackberry pearl available from

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  1. Beware NIO This product is in the process of being patented by R. William Graham, Patent Attorney in the United States, 937-461-6988 who has filed United States patent applications and is planning on filing International applications for patent.

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