Nintendo’s Revolution Controller has been Revealed

Nintendo’s new and upcoming console’s controller has been revealed and it looks like a sideways version of their original controller or a remote control… but much much better!

The new controller has a chip inside and with two small sensors placed around the TV, the positioning and orientation of the controller is tracked which allows the controller to be used by simply moving it! For instance, if you had a shoot-em up game, you just point and click and what you want to shoot.

Also, the controller has an expansion port which could allow add-on hardware like an additional controller with more buttons or another stick.

One final note, if you turn the controller sideways, the remote is well suited to play those classic 8-bit NES Nintendo games which Nintendo has promised will be downloadable for use under using Revolutions “Virtual Console”.

In a nutshell, the Revolution controller looks simple and easy to use but packs some great gaming technology. We only hope Revolution lives up to it’s controller!

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