Night Vision Glasses (Clip-On)

Night Vision Glasses (Clip-On)

The Night Vision Glasses taught that glare is cut down at night and that they actually help you “see” better in haze, fog and rain especially for those with fatigued or old eyes.

The Night Vision Glasses filter blue light and preserve a natural balance of color which cut down on glare giving you better detail.

I’m still looking for a good pair of X-Ray glasses… anyone know where I can get some?

Driving at night is much more hazardous than daytime driving, especially when oncoming headlights are very bright. Thanks to the amber lenses of these gold-rimmed clip-on Night Vision glasses, you’ll not only cut the glare, but the risk of accidents. Night Vision clip-ons are especially helpful when your eyes are fatigued from a lot of driving, and for older drivers whose night vision isn’t as keen. These specialized anti-glare glasses give you superior viewing in the dark by filtering blue light and preserving a natural balance of colors. They’re also helpful in haze, fog or rain, giving you sharper contrast and detail. The side lenses filter and enhance peripheral vision as well.

Price: $14.95
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