Apple, Motorola & Cingular Launch World’s First Mobile Phone with iTunes

In the latest step in convergence, iTunes has made it’s way to your mobile phone. Motorola, along with Apple and Cingular, have brought iTunes to your phone with the new Motorola ROKR for a retail price of $249.99 available earlier this week at Cingular retail stores.

With a color display to view album art and built-in dual-stereo speakers and the nifty feature of pausing what’s playing to take a call, the Motorola ROKR with iTunes pre-installed is sure to excite quite a few early adopters and regular consumers.

For me, the phone does not have a FM transceiver to easily play the tunes through my car speakers and that’s a bit of a turn-off. I’ll stick to my current convergence level with my Treo 600 and Mini iPod… for now!

Read the Press Release here.

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