New Year’s Resolution #4, Cure Addictions: Gambling

New Year's Resolution #4, Cure Addictions: Gambling

Completing the trifecta of addictions that many seek to cure themselves off in the New Year is gambling. There aren’t a whole lot of gadgets short of something to electrically shock you that can help curb your gambling problem, but there are a slew of books that you can read. We’ll feature just a few of these, but feel free to search Amazon or other bookseller for books on the subject.

John Eades, a recovering addict himself, wrote a book on the problem as well as how to recover. Read on for more books.

Another self-professed gambler John Chin also wrote a how-to. For those that need to do, there is The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook which leads the reader through a series of exercises. Since this addiction also affects the families of the gamblers as well, the Recovery Guide for the Families of Gamblers addresses this aspect of the issue.

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