New Year’s Resolution #3, Lose Weight – Bio Trainer

New Year's Resolution #3, Lose Weight - Bio Trainer

The Bio Trainer assists your in your quest to lose weight by monitoring your activity during the day and tracking the calories exerted. With a built-in motion sensor and tri-axis accelerometer, the Bio Trainer is a patented clip-on weight-loss aid that measures calories burned and overall physical activity based on every movement the human body makes.

This Tri-Axis Accelerometer Technology was developed under grant awards issued by the U. S. National Institutes of Health to help promote exercise and weight loss and has been featured in numerous medical studies. Tri-Axis Accelerometer Technology measures physical activity based on the inertial movements of your body weight unlike a pedometer that simply measure steps taken.

You don’t need to invest in a treadmill to count calories. Exercising and losing weight can be done anywhere and any time. Turn everyday chores into your own personal fitness program: Simply enter your weight, clip to your waist and let the Bio Trainer monitor even your movements, measuring frequency, duration, and intensity. The Bio Trainer measures all types of exercise-related activity including walking, biking, dancing, treadmill workouts, golf, and any general physical activities; swimming and weight or resistance training are not measured. Additionally, the Bio Trainer is so sensitive that it can detect small, less vigorous body movements, such as folding laundry, gardening or general housekeeping.

The Bio Trainer is not a pedometer. Unlike a pedometer, which measures the steps you take and calculates the distance traveled and calories burned while walking and jogging, the Bio Trainer accurately calculates calories burned, by using a state-of-the-art tri-axis accelerometer, which measures physical activity based on the inertial movements of your body weight. With its built-in 10-day memory, you’ll be able to calculate and track calories burned over a 10-day period, measuring how much time you’re active each day.

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