New Nikon DSLR Camera In 20 Days

Leon Huang sent us a tip that Nikon is releasing their new Nikon DSLR Camera in about 20 days. We’ll be happy to test if Nikon sends one!

Check out Nikon Imaging Global website right now and you’ll be in for a little surprise. From the flash animation, it seems like Nikon has snuck up on us and will release a new DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera in 20 days from now.

For those who can’t be bothered to watch the animation, it reads as follow:

“More power… More control… More versatile… More excitement
Next Nikon
New 10.2 megapixel D-SLR addition to the lineup Integrating quality and affordability to meet the demands of passionate photo enthusiasts”

Affordability, sounds like an upgrade to the Nikon D70s! From the looks of the shutter release area, it is likely not an upgrade to the D200. So if you’re a fellow Nikon shooter who is looking to upgrade your D50/D70/D70s body, hold on to your money untill the curtains are drawn for this new baby.


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