New BrineSoft Script Editor to Automate Routine Tasks on Windows

BrineSoft company recently announced the release of its Script Editor, the latest version of the universal, easy-to-use editor of scripts.

The Script Editor is capable of editing and executing the two most often used and supported scripting languages, VBScript and JScript. Scripts can be executed by a built-in Script Control, or by the Windows Script Host. Where the ancient batch files (*.bat) fail to accomplish your automation task, scripting comes to help.

Unlike similar editors, the BrineSoft Script Editor brings a complete support for Microsoft Windows Script Files (*.wsf). These files, xml by nature, combine comments, resource data, run-time information, objects, scripts and references to external script files. Even more, they enable to mix different scripting languages within one project. Last but not least, they can be directly executed by the Windows Script Host (WScript.exe/CScript.exe) available in the Windows system.

Microsoft Windows Script Files cure the biggest problem of the scripting languages. It is the lack of directives like #include or Uses that we know from programming languages. Thanks to ability to reference external script files it is possible to develop stand-alone libraries, the re-usable parts of the script code. This way the development of a larger project can be shared by more developers and the projects can be quickly built up by using ready-made and well-tested libraries.

Time of the batch files is almost gone. Less applications support options on the command line recently, more and more applications provide their functionality through COM/OLE Automation objects. An average PC provides several thousands of them. It is possible to read and write text files, CSV files, XML files. It is possible to work with MS Word and MS Excel documents programatically, send email, start and stop servers, and much, much more. Make Script Editor list all of them, select which you need and let Script Editor show all the properties and methods of the object. Start using it!

“When we first came accross to WSF we immediatelly said, yes, this is the best thing to automate applications. All it needs is a good editor that will edit it, the xml tags in fact, through a sophisticated user interface. We made it. Take it and enjoy it.” said Petr Maly, CEO of BrineSoft company.

BrineSoft Script Editor is available for Windows 2000/2003/NT4/XP and costs $39 (USD) for a personal use and $99 (USD) for a business use. Registered users are entitled to the fully-functional version, free updates and technical support.